Destiny 2 PC Impressions

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With Destiny 2 having been about for about a week or so, I figured now would be a good time to go through my impressions.The game has been eagerly waited after the impressive beta that it had a couple months ago. The game was visually appealing as well as impressively optimized. Personally I hadn’t experienced any graphical glitches or lags, even in the most tense of settings. I can gladly say that this is still the case in the full release.


The game performs exceptionally well on virtually all modern day cards. My GTX 1080 is able to run everything on max and consistently get a solid FPS at the 1920×1080 resolution. With no stutters, jitters, or any other kind of performance issue. Even during the most intense and chaotic battle sequences with projectile and magic effects popping all over.

The games maps and locales look amazing. Everything from the textures to the intense background scenes are just awe inspiring. My personal favorite is the European Dead Zone. It has a mix of old run down towns and green expansive areas to explore.

The games loading screens do get a tad bit on my nerves personally, while watching some space fly around while it loads does at least mask the time a bit, it does get old after a while.


The games combat is both fluid and tight. Running and gunning while charging an enemy to melee him just feels natural and seamless. While the game is heavily loot based and RPG like, you don’t really run into those issues like I personally did with The Division. I haven’t once yet feel like I’m trying to take down an enemy with a BB gun, having to empty clip after clip just to kill a minion. Yeah the bosses take quite a bit of damage, however it seems reasonable and natural considering their supposed power.

The leveling system feels nice and it doesn’t take excessively long to get to 20, however that really is just the beginning. The bigger challenge is grinding to level up you Power Level with better gear. You can dismantle old or unwanted gear into crafting materials to help purchase weapons from vendors or modify later more powerful weapons.


Considering at this point I have only played most of the leveling process with some buddies, I’ll have to come back to this more later as we get into Raids and other things. However, as always its good to hit some public events story missions with a friend.


At this point in my experience of Destiny, I would give it a 4/5 mainly because I’m a little skeptical about how much I’ll get out of it before I’ll need to get the DLC. Which is on a fast track release path of next month. I’m also curious as to how well the grind will keep my interest. Will it be on the level of World of Warcraft or on the level of the Division of which I purchased no DLC.

So far though, I’m having a great time playing with my fellow gammer buddies.

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