Surface Book 2

The Full Fledged Sequel to the Original

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Well it is finally here. The Surface Book 2 has finally been announced after Microsoft simply released a 1.5 version last year to partially update the premium laptop.

The new Surface book now comes in 2 sizes. The 13.5″ which is the same as the original and a 15″ version that is new and has a more powerful GPU. The mid range of the smaller Surface Book comes with a GTX 1050 and the 15″ comes with a GTX 1060. The larger 15″ inch with the 1060 GPU is about 6 times as powerful as the original Surface book, which makes it a pretty decent upgrade. Even though the laptops haven’t ever really been known to be affordable.

These beefed up GPUs allow for significant performance increases in both application performance and gaming. You can run almost any any current title at decent medium to high settings and still get 60 FPS, all depending on the resolution you ran it at of course.

All in all though it was a decent follow up to the original and a good increase in performance. Although the design has remained the same, the power and now bigger versions are sure to keep the interest surrounding them going to insure that the product line continues to be updated and improved.

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