The Equifax Hack Is a Turning Point


With all the news the past few weeks concerning the breach at Equifax, its amazing how many people are still unaware of the severity.

The usual highlights you will hear is that half of American’s credit data was stolen. Meaning 1 in 2 of us currently has all of our credit information needed to open up accounts in our names for sale. In response to this Equifax in it’s shady business ethics tries to push  its “free” credit monitor that will automatically convert to a paid service. Basically profiting off of loosing your information and making you responsible for a lifetime of possible credit fraud.

Think of it this way, someone can now buy your information offline and file to claim your tax refunds. All because one company decided to not patch their systems to protect your data. To keep a generic account on an external website, with username and password both admin.

These executives should be in jail, and the fact that they are not shows just how wrong the system really is.

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